Uptobox premium accounts passwords free codes February 2018

Uptobox Premium February 2018

Uptobox Test is a file hosting provider. We offer online storage/remote backup capacity, sophisticated uploading and downloading tools. With Uptobox Test you can host files, images, videos, audio and flash on the same place.

Whenever you need to send a file that is too large for e-mail, Uptobox can help. If you need secure remote storage capacity for off-site backups, Uptobox offers solutions for you. If you want to access personal data from a variety of computers and don’t want to carry around a USB stick, Uptobox is a perfect way of doing so.

Uptobox premium account (email and password) Free share not hack, February 2018

User: 6500213598@yahoo.com
Pass: 2222501

Uptobox Premium Account Review February 2018

Difference between Uptobox Free and Premium users
Free Registered Premium
Max upload file size 1 GB 200 GB 200 GB
Storage space No 1 TB Unlimited
Download speed Very limited Limited Maximum
Remote URL upload No Yes Yes
Download-Accelerators support No Yes Yes
Protect your download links with password No Yes Yes
Downloads resume No Yes Yes
Waiting time before downloading 60 seconds 45 seconds No
Direct Download No Yes Yes
No Captcha No Yes Yes
Presence of advertising Maximum Limited No
When are your files deleted? 30 days after last download 90 days after last download Never

A Little More about Uptobox

Uptobox.com and Uptostream.com are edited by:

Upworld Genius S.A.

20 rue Adrien-Lachenal
1207 Genève, Suisse

Datafile premium accounts passwords free codes February 2018

Datafile Premium February 2018

Secure & Safe!

Security is our highest priority, so there’s no need to worry about the safety of your information

High Speeds

We guarantee the highest file download speed at our service, so you won’t miss a file!

Around the world

Our file sharing service offers an opportunity to download our files from anywhere

Datafile premium account (email and password) Free share not hack, February 2018

User: 036295552@yahoo.fr
Pass: 1100120110

Datafile Premium Account Review 2018

Difference between Datafile Free and Premium users

Datafile Premium accounts features with Premium access February 2018:

  • Safe, Anonymous, Secure
  • Our service is completely anonymous, and your files are hosted on heavily secured servers. We take safety very seriously
  • Unlimited, Fast Download Speeds
  • We guarantee the highest download speeds with our service. Our servers are extremely fast and have high uptime reliability
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Upload as many files as you want, at any file size. Our Premium users are safely hosting millions of files with us every day
Service Features
Download Speed MAXIMUM Minimum
Download delay 0 seconds 30 seconds
Upload file size Up to 30 Gb Up to 10 Gb
Files livetime Unlimited 30 days
Pausable downloads
Multiple download streams
No advertising


After buying a premium account you get the following benefits:

1. No restrictions on speed of file downloading;
2. No restrictions on speed of file uploading to the server;
3. Increase of the maximum file size for uploading to the server from 10 GB to 30 GB;
4. Unlimited time for storing your files on our servers;
5. Absence of advertising on any pages of the service;
6. There is no pause before download file;
7. Possibility to download files in several streams;
8. Possibility to resume file downloading when connection is broken;
9. Possibility to use downloading managers;


DepFile premium accounts password login hack free March 2018

What is DepFile Premium 2018?

DepFile.com is a secure and free online cloud storage. So you can Upload and share your files with anyone with ease.

DepFile premium accounts hack (email and password) Free sharing info March 2018

User: edwardoo23@yahoo.fr
Pass: edwardo230

User: Marianaduboi@mail.ru
Pass: 22001Mari@

Benefits of a purchasing a DepFile Premium account

DepFile Premium access give you awsome features with one price: Unlimited high speed, unmetered storage, multiple streams, no waiting time, no advertisement!

Features: Premium Free
Download speed: 100 Mb/s 50 Kb/s
Immediate download: YES No
Copying files: YES No
File recovery: YES No
Download priority: MAX No
Download accelerators: YES No
Parallel downloads: MAX 1
Storage: 10 TB 20 GB
FTP, Torrent, URL upload: YES No
Price of DepFile Premium accounts as of March 2018

1 month: $19.95

2 months: $29.95 – 25% OFF

3 months: $39.95 – 34% OFF

6 months: $69.95 – 42% OFF

1 year: $129.95 – 46% OFF

Payments methods available
  • Visa Cards, Mastercard
  • Paypal
  • Paysafe card
  • Bitcoin
  • CashU
  • Reseller: Paypal

A little more about DepFile

DepFile Limited (“DepFile”, “we”, “us”) provides internet services. We provide services ourselves and via our related companies, affiliates and resellers who act on our behalf, at our website at depfile, subdomains and related sites (each a “website”), and using mobile apps we provide (“our mobile apps”), which enable users, use our application programming interface (“API”), upload, store, manage, download files, information, material and other data (“data”) and give access to that data to others (all together, “services” and each, a “service”).

If you have questions about how to use the services or the great things you can do with Depfile, you can contact them.

DepFile Premium Generator March 2018

DepFile premium accounts generator is a free program built to generate and create working DepFile login usernames and passwords details like if they were hacked or leaked from forums, Reddit or facebook pages. This account generator tool is not yet available to share link to download or even to buy in any version or beta version.

How to use DepFile Premium Accounts Generator?

  • Install the last version of the software March 2018 on your PC or Mac
  • You must login using the password and username you create
  • After the success of your login, click on “make my details as premium”
  • After a short waiting time, the email and password given are generated as premium
  • use your information to complete any download on the site successfully

DepFile Affiliate Program

DepFile firm offers anyone a good partnership system:

  • Pay Per Sale and Recurring payments – 50%
  • Revenue Site Owners – 5%
  • Referral Program – 5%
  • Daily payments with a minimum payout of $5 USD



Rapidgator premium accounts passwords free coupon code March 2018

Rapidgator Premium Files-hosting 2018

Rapidgator.net is a reliable Rapid File Hosting that is known for its SAFE and SECURE services. RAPIDGATOR garantee to its users special features: Totally free for premium users, Extra fast downloads and Unlimited file storage

Rapidgator premium accounts (email and password) hack Free sharing [updates March 2018]

User: andreya023@yahoo.jp
Pass: 26630487

User: laurenssa55@gmail.com
Pass: laurraine1223

Rapidgator Premium Account Review 2018

Rapidgators has been offering its users a top of the range file hosting and sharing service since 2010. Millions of satisfied customers use every day our service to store files of all sizes, either as a back-up or to share them with friends.

Rapidgator.net was acquired by Rapidgator Ltd in April 2012 with a renewed belief and commitment to deliver users the very best service on the market. Our servers are strategically positioned on central traffic internet exchange points to guarantee you the best possible upload and download speeds.

Rapidgator offers awsome features: Unlimited download speeds 99.99% uptime (and striving for 100%!), unlimited file storage, user-friendly file manager, user-friendly download manager and file Folder link.

How to Generate Rapidgator premium account hack

Rapidgator premium accounts login password hack is not a simple way to look for in order to obtain or to generate a fake or an already bought Rapidgator accounts membership details and for free. Using a shared information instead (login and pass) of some generous people on public sites such as Facebook, Reddit, Forum, Blogs: blogspot, wordpress, pastebin, youtube …

Rapidgator premium account advantages

  • Downloading speed with no limits
  • Unlimited simultaneous downloads
  • No queues for file download
  • No ads or popups
  • Download files up to 5 Gigabytes
  • Ease of use

Price of Rapidgator Premium account password March 2018

$ 14.99 USD
30 days*
1 TB Bandwidth
unlimited*** Storage
$ 14.99 USD
30 days*
1 TB Bandwidth
3 TB Storage
$ 29.99 USD
60 days*
2 TB Bandwidth
3 TB Storage
$ 39.99 USD
90 days*
4 TB Bandwidth
unlimited*** Storage
$ 39.99 USD
90 days*
4 TB Bandwidth
3 TB Storage
$ 49.99 USD
180 days*
6 TB Bandwidth
unlimited*** Storage
$ 69.99 USD
180 days*
6 TB Bandwidth
3 TB Storage
$ 99.99 USD
365 days*
12 TB Bandwidth
unlimited*** Storage
$ 99.99 USD
365 days*
12 TB Bandwidth
10 TB Storage
Payments methods available to buy Rapidgators accounts
  • Paysafe
  • Bitcoin
  • Webmoney
  • Online banking
  • Payment via SMS
  • Via Reseller

A Premium subscription (Rapidgator premium username and password) allows you to enjoy additional benefits to the free service that Rapidgator.net offers. When you buy Premium subscription, you sign up for auto renewal by default. This means that your account will be charged again 24 hours before your premium is expired and that your Premium subscription will be extended for another period which you have selected.

This allows you to enjoy our Premium service without having to worry about the subscription expiring. You can however easily unsubscribe from auto renewal on your Rapidgator.net profile page.

Rapidgator Affiliate accounts

Each registered user can become a RapidGator affiliate and start earning with the first file loaded. To do this, we have a convenient affiliate program with great stats and flexible reward scheme.

Benefits of working with RapidGator.net:

1) Highest earnings among competitors. Just check our deductions table on any of rates and make sure.

2) Maximum comfort for affiliates. Fast Web, FTP and Remote upload. Detailed statistics. Accurate and strict payments.

3) Comfort for users. We offer 3Mbit/sec free download speed. Unlimited premium download speed. Your users will download files fast, secure and with joy.

As free user You can upload files up to 500MB and download files up to 500 MB. Registration provides additional benefits. a registred account can download files with unlimited speed.

File on Rapidgator.net are not searchable or indexable by search engines


With your Rapidgator premium account and password you get: – Unlimited storage
– Unlimited download speed
– Download manager support
– No capchas
– No Ads
– Your files are stored as long as you have premium account.

Last updates Rapidgator Review: March 2018

Novafile premium accounts passwords free March 2018

What is Novafile.com

Novafile.com is a cloud storage service and can be used for different purposes:

  1. As a secure remote storage capacity for important data backups. One that is available online from any country in the world.
  2. As a tool to send files to one or several recipients that requires much less traffic resources and provides more reliability and security than regular email attachments.
  3. As a way to quickly and safely share files with your friends and colleagues.

Novafile premium account (email and password) Free share not hack, March 2018

User: amanda3322@yahoo.com

Pass: novaclaveofamnda

Novafile Premium Account Review 2018

Difference between Free and Premium users

To download files from Novafile, a user must access the files using the unique URLs provided by the person who uploaded the files. After he access the file he needs to click the button “Create download link”. If he does not have a premium account at Novafile, he then need to wait while that the download link is being generated and then enter captcha text.

Premium account owners are provided with the download link immediately.

Programs integration and usage

The Novafile premium account subscription information may be used with many softwares such as Jdownloader and Jdownloader 2 (included into Jdownloader database), and also Internet Download Manager (IDM).

Become Premium Member to Enjoy!


Price of Novafile Premium accounts March 2018

  • 30 days: $14.95
  • 90 days: $39.95
  • 180 days: $69.95
  • 365 days: $99.95

Payments methods available

  • Paysafe
  • Bitcoin
  • Webmoney
  • Online banking
  • Payment via SMS
  • Via Reseller


Summary Review Free Registered Premium
Download speed: Very Low Low Maximum
Parallel downloads: 1 1 Unlimited
Max download file size: 400 MB 400 MB Unlimited
Storage space:  No 50 GB 1000 GB
No waiting time: 90 seconds 60 seconds Yes
No captcha required:   No   No  Yes
DL accelerators support:   No   No  Yes
Resumable downloads:   No   No  Yes


A Little More about Novafile

Novafile (novafile.com) is an Online Service Provider under Title II of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. Section 512 (“DMCA”). This document outlines the policy that novafile.com have introduced in order to implement notice and takedown policy as required by DMCA. This document guides copyright owners interested in utilizing this procedure, as well as service users interested in restoring access to material mistakenly taken down.

Adress: Novafile Europe Limited, Lefkou Anastasiadi, 8, Strovolos, 2012, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Novafile is technically unable to index the content being uploaded or stored at the servers of Novafile.

Content privacy

Novafile considers any uploaded content to be private and confidential unless user acts contrary.